Outstanding Business of the Year:

Sustainable Staffing Inc.

Harvard, Ill. (May 2, 2022) – Sustainable Staffing Inc.’s Harvard office, 100 Admiral Dr., Unit B, is the recipient of the 2021 Outstanding Business of the Year from the Harvard Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The award was announced at the recent 92nd Annual Harvard Chamber of Commerce & Industry Dinner held at the Stratford Banquet Hall, 21007 McGuire Road, Harvard.

“We are deeply honored to be recognized by the Harvard Chamber of Commerce,” says Mary McBride, Founder of Sustainable Staffing Inc. “The substantial work the Chamber provides our community is greatly appreciated. This award is a testament of the hard-working staff at our Harvard branch location. Sustainable Staffing is committed to investing in human capital that benefits local employees as well as the economy in which they participate. This creates improved income medians per household and company margins which is key to economic mobility.”

Adds Compliance Manager Roxanne Waliullah, “Winning an award for Outstanding Business of the Year speaks volumes for us. Our line of work can be challenging but our Harvard team is amazing at what they do. On top of their jobs, our Harvard employees volunteer in the community. I am so proud of our team and their dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.”

The Outstanding Business of the Year Award is presented annually to recognize an outstanding business in the Harvard community. Nominations are made by members of the Harvard Chamber of Commerce & Industry and then selected by the Harvard Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Sustainable Staffing Inc. has been located in Harvard for the past six years and moved into its newest location from 710 Brink St. on Friday, April 22. The company drives and supports sustainable initiatives, non profits, and community events. 

Mayor Michael Kelly notes that Sustainable Staffing Inc. is a great corporate citizen for Harvard. “Sustainable Staffing is an integral part of helping the Chamber go above and beyond its mission,” he says. “The company provides local job resources to benefit the community and is a welcome addition to Harvard. We greatly appreciate its membership and look forward to watching Sustainable Staffing continue to grow.”

Sustainable Staffing Inc. is a local woman-owned and operated corporation that provides temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct hiring staffing; payrolling services; onsite staffing; and recruitment advertising solutions. While the majority of its clients are based in the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Southern Texas job markets, Sustainable Staffing provides local staffing across the United States. Sustainable Staffing is socially engaged within the communities in which it works and lives believing in corporate responsibility. Sustainability isn’t just an inspiration for its name, but core to its everyday practices by matching employees with employers and keeping those positions filled and thriving.

Sustainable Staffing is proud to give back to the community. To learn more about Sustainable Staffing’s donation efforts, community service events, marketing, and media, contact (815) 560-0037 ext. 3000, or